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Best solutions for unexpected circumstances in which speed is a top priority.

Complete control of your shipments

An online supply chain platform that offers comprehensive supply chain solutions to shippers of all sizes.

One-Stop Solution

We collaborate with shippers in all industries and of all sizes to move their goods more efficiently. We also support global enterprises that have international shipping needs like rail, ocean, air services, and customs clearance.

Visibility Over Entire Supply Chain

Connect’s dynamic automation features allow shippers to receive real-time visibility on freight movement and provide updates to service providers to make the service delivery smooth and efficient.

Smart Shipping

Our platform uses data science and machine learning to connect shippers and supply chain solutions providers to match freight and capacity, utilizing the most suitable service provider to create efficiency and cost savings.

Customization and Control

Our solutions are totally customized based on shippers specific needs. From total supply chain takeover to managing individual modes of the process, our platform has a vetted service provider for you. Through our collaborative supply chain platform, we empower shippers to manage and improve their networks.

No Capacity Shortages

Access one of the largest supply chain solutions platform backed by a network of more than 10,000 suppliers, including transportation, warehousing, fulfilment, and customs clearance providers to get your freight where it needs to be.

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