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Businesses are moving faster than ever. Connect lets you manage your freight anytime on demand, from a desktop or mobile device. Log on to Connect digital supply chain platform and easily find, negotiate, and book the freight you want to handle.

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Search thousands of freight opportunities and set filters to fine tune results based on your preferences and capabilities. Find a freight opportunity in your favorite lane and place offer to submit your amount. Search thousands of opportunities, set filters to fine tune, negotiate terms and pricing, all based on your preferences and capabilities.

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Connect lets you quickly upload documents and take advantage of instant pay terms to get paid in as little as 2 days.


Need help along the way? Get in touch with our support team instantly to answer your questions or resolve issues.

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Sign up with Connect as a partner and save on fuel, tires, and fleet maintenance services. In addition, you can enjoy listening to Sirius XM for free.

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Connect load board is easy to navigate and gives businesses access to a variety of ways to book freight using our free online platform. Just click on the map or select ‘Find a Load’ to search specific routes. You can book load on ‘Listed Price’ or ‘Place an Offer’.

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